I will prank Call using Nagging Elderly Woman Voice

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prank Call using Nagging Elderly Woman Voice

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Prank call friends or family Members using Grandma Evelyn'voice. This voice will have whoever hearing dying laughing  "SO REALISTIC" that you can continue to prank the same dummy over and over again. You could send me a scenario you want me to say, OR I WILL do one of my famous scenarios such as pranking family member who goes to church often requesting her bible and gloves, or calling the kids and getting angry while telling them to come outside and get the groceries. Im great at IMPROV & ON THE SPOT situations. So hit me up and have me call somebody you know. The best thing Ill send you A LIVE RECORDING!ALSO : If you would like this to be on-going let me know. IF DONE RIGHT PRANKS CAN LAST FOR A WHILE -DAVEDACOMIC 

ONLY 5 FREAKING BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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