I will do a full year tarot overview

do a full year tarot overview

About This Gig

I have been reading tarot for about the past decade, with a few long-standing clients for the past five years. I'm interested in expanding my tarot practice and also being able to provide quality readings at an affordable cost for others.

With this reading you will receive a detailed description, along with pictures of the spread itself. This spread is a 12 card spread, with each card connected to a certain astrological house (the house of the family, health, romance, etc.). It forecasts general trends in the upcoming year, and can be helpful in pointing our attention towards certain areas. The addition of oracle cards is also available, which help to highlight specific lessons in each of those areas. 

If you select the "Skype" session, our schedules will dictate the delivery time, though mostly 24-48 hours is still doable.

Please note:

  • I do not predict deaths
  • The cards point to general trends in energies and probabilities, nothing is certain

Blessed be!

Order Details

12 card, full year tarot forecast

A 12 card tarot forecast, connected with your astrological houses. Pictures included.

2 days delivery