I will provide 3000 minutes of traffic to your YouTube video

provide 3000 minutes of traffic to your YouTube video

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Description Single Video Double Video Triple Video
  3000 minutes for 1 video 7000 minutes shared by up to 2 videos 11000 minutes shared between up to 3 videos
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About This Gig

   I will promote your YouTube video, which will receive traffic worth of at least 3000 minutes.

   The purpose of this gig is to increase views and popularity, making it easier for the video to become viral and draw attention to the channel.
   This gig is not meant to make you earn money from the monetization program (although it can do so), that objective should come after your channel is popular.

   You can now safely make your video climb the charts!
   What are you waiting for?

If you want subscribers i can get you 100 subs. instead of views, for the same price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are you selling really?
    I'm selling MINUTES of TRAFFIC to a YouTube video (which in it's turn are translated to views). You can check the time your video has been watched inside your channel statistics.
  • Is the traffic counted as views by YouTube? If so, how many?
    Yes, the traffic views are counted. The number of views vary a lot, but in average they can go from 3000 to 6000 (basic package, single video).
  • What kind of traffic is this ?
    People with YouTube accounts only. You can check the origins of it with YouTube analytics.
  • Will the traffic watch the video to the end?
    It depends i guess. If the target video is small, let's say 30 seconds for example, it will be fully watched, that's for sure. If it is minutes long, it will be dependant on the viewer, if the video has interest or not for the viewer.
  • How do you measure the traffic time?
    In the description i say: "at least 3000 minutes" because i don't have an accurate method of measuring that. The video will always receive more. I can say that 3000 minutes is 100% certain minimum traffic it will have, so that's what i am actually charging the buyer.