I will create a PowerPoint presentation for you

Awesome Job. Custom order, worth every penny! Thanks David. I appreciate it. Easy to work with, and got it right the first time.
Reviewed by edub13 over 1 year ago
create a PowerPoint presentation for you
create a PowerPoint presentation for you
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About This Gig

Do you need to make a presentation?  I am a financial analyst and have been making PowerPoint presentations as part of my job for the last eight years.  I know all the in's and out's of PowerPoint.  

I will make up to a five slide presentation for you.  (see gig extras.. basically it's $5 for 5 slides.  So if you have a 20 slide presentation - plan on ordering 4 gigs.)

You MUST supply the content for the presentation.  I will take that content and make the presentation.

If you want me to help organize or create the content for the presentation - please plan to order the $20 gig extra.  

After doing a few gigs and realizing I can't read people's mind... (some people think I should be able to) and create the content exactly how they would like, I've realized content creation will be a premium cost.

If the content is not copy-able - I.E. in PDF form - please plan on ordering an additional gig.

Thanks for taking a look at my gig!  Sorry for all the rules, but I'm finding if we are both very clear up front about expectations it makes for a much better gig experience!