I will write a basic or complex linux shell script in bash

write a basic or complex linux shell script in bash

About This Gig

Contact me before placing an order so I can check the complexity of your script.

I can write high quality bash scripts for you.

I have been programming in bash scripting for more than 10 years and I can do small or big projects made of one or several scripts.

The price of $5 is only for simple scripts.

I can also fix your scripts or one liners. If you have a any Linux command that doesn't work for some reason I can fix it for you.

I can make scripts for:

- Backup jobs (including aws s3)
- Task automation (simplify repetitive tasks)
- Cron jobs
- Database connection and data handling
- Data extraction, filtering, data mining
- Log files parsing
- Web scrapers and spiders
- Image manipulation
- Video manipulation
- File processing
- Server and daemon health monitoring
- many more... let me know what you need and I will do it for you

If you need help on how to use or execute scripts check my extras.

If you know how to use scripts and need high quality scripts, buy with confidence.