About This Gig

I will draw you as your favorite superhero or villain in a professional comic book art style. For other characters from Disney animation, video games, manga, movies, pop culture or other -PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST!

I'm a professional cartoonist with 20+ years professional experience - this is the real deal. I can draw you as your favorite superhero or villain: Superman, the Joker, the Hulk, Wolverine, etc. The final product will be black and white line art in a comic book style (COLOR is an EXTRA so is more characters or a logo. Message me to make your image look like an authentic comic cover). You get a high resolution jpg --perfect for your Facebook avatar or to print and frame! Let me know what size you need!

ABOUT REVISIONS- Revisions are sometimes needed.  Send a polite message and specifics about what you need changed. Please don't take advantage of my good nature. I'm willing to make free minor adjustments, but in general be prepared to pay extra for a redraw.

ALSO If you need something specific, please message me first! Otherwise I'll have to cancel your order. Basically, it's probably best to PLEASE message me first. Thanks.

I also have vector capabilities.