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translate to from English Italian Spanish

About This Gig

I am new to fiverr and willing to build an exciting translating experience in here.
I have a master in Literary Translation but been also working on technical texts, blogs, political speeches, subtitles and much more. I basically like everything that's concerned with translating a text from a language to another. I have grown up in a multilingual environment which means I have been translating all my life. I try to achieve the best possible result out of every translation for me and the client to be happy.
For those of you that are willing to have their documents translated by me, I have a basic price for a limited amount of words. Documents that contain more than 400/500 words, please contact me in private so we can arrange a quote depending on word count, type of translation, languages involved, and time of delivery. For more details please do not hesitate to ask me. As my feedback and response rate suggest, I do take this seriously.

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Regular text

Up to 400 words

  • Proofreading
2 days delivery 1 Revision