I will remove any noise, mix and edit your recording or podcast

Magic ! In few minutes, my problem is solved ! Thank you, thank you and thank you again !
Reviewed by mrquentin 2 months ago
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He performed a miracle! Many sound engineers said they couldn't do what David did. Completely cleaned an audio file that I thought was a lost cause. Amazing!
Reviewed by sgibson12 2 months ago
remove any noise, mix and edit your recording or podcast

About This Gig

Got a noisy recording?
You recorded a nice podcast but got also all the fan noise, or the electric hum?
Did you overload the levels on your small mic?
By using professional tools and techniques, I can bring your recordings back to life.

Service applies (but is not limited to) to podcasts, interviews, conferences, presentations, voice overs, radio talks et cetera.

I will edit 15 minutes of your audio, offering these services:

  1. Editing: cutting out unwanted parts, loud breaths and noises in-between phrases and words
  2. Restoring: Cleaning your audio of background and static noise like fan noise, electric hum, etc.
  3. De-clipping: Reducing drastically the distortion caused by high volumes 
  4. Mixing and Mastering: EQ and compress your audio and give it a professional, upfront sound.
(note: editing might be considered an extra depending on complexity and lenght)

I will output in the file format of your choice.

Note: please contact me before ordering and send my a sample of the corrupted audio; of course there are limits to what can be done, so let me review it first.

I have been doing this job for companies, documentaries, and television.
Trust my ears, and my 20+ years experience in the business!

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

bring the noise

I will clean your audio.

  • Up to 15 Minutes