I will link to your site on my blog post

link to your site on my blog post

About This Gig

I started my website as a fundraising opportunity to allow me to move to Thailand. All money from this gig will go towards that goal. What I will do for the basic gig is make your name as a clickable link on my "DONORS" page. I promote this page on social media whenever I get a new donor. 

For an additional $5.00 I will do the above plus put the same in a special section JUST FOR users of this Fiverr gig called the Media Stars page. The Media Stars page can also include a brief (10-30 word) description of your link. Again, I promote it on social media. 

For the $20.00 gig, you will get all the above plus a "This Blog Post Is Presented By" your site or page. I will place this near the top of the blog post. NOTE: Since I only write a new post 4-6 times a week, your link may not be the only one appearing on a blog post. 

Nothing pornographic is allowed!! 

Keep in mind that all proceeds from this gig will be put in a savings account which will only be used for my goal of moving to Thailand.  

Order Details

3 days delivery

Clickable link to your site on mine

I will post a clickable link to any one web page of your choosing on my blog.