I will do in depth research for you

do in depth research for you

About This Gig

Good day,

This service is for the research of any topic, company, person whether online or offline. You only have to tell me the target and what specifically you want to find out. I will garner and extract as much data as possible about the target along the specification guidelines you give to me.

The methods I use in my research and depend on the target but they include some of, if not extended to:

Online resources (news, discussions etc.)

Multimedia (videos, audio, streams etc.)

Reading Media (articles, books etc.)

Website and social media

Customer Care Contact

Statistics regarding the target

If this is research for an educational project do not worry I will collect reference links and information on where I got each specific data along the way.

The basic gig offers research for said topic and target which would take from 3 to 7 days depending, I will be giving you data so it will be in its raw and unorganized form. If you want me to organize the data and summarize it,  then you can order my information conversion extras. 

Contact me before purchase to inquire if I can do the target or topic you seek, thanks.