I will be your Aviation Consultant

be your Aviation Consultant
be your Aviation Consultant
be your Aviation Consultant
be your Aviation Consultant
be your Aviation Consultant
be your Aviation Consultant

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Description Ask a pilot. Buisness aviation primer. Jet set
  I will answer your questions about aviation and aviation carrer Your company want to buy a plane and you are task to investigate. I will hold your hand. You are getting a plane. Don't let the broker take you for a ride. You need a second opinion.
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About This Gig

 You may just have a question for a pilot. Perhaps you are  a manager with a corporation charged to investigate the addition of a flight department. Aviation can be an expensive minefield for the uninitiated.
How will you know if the plane the broker is trying to sell you is capable to safely operate from the airport you plan on going to? Is the management company you selected really have the infrastructures to give you the best service.
Will the plane you intend to buy soon require expensives upgrades to operate in Europe, Transatlantic route or high level route in the near future?
Do you know what TCAS 7, FANS 1-A, CPDLC are? Will you need it? How much will it cost?
Can you evaluate air crew resumes for suitable qualifications?

There is a lot to know but wether you are a student pilot looking for a tip or about to pull the trigger on a Gulfstream. Chances are my 28 years of aviation experience can be an asset.

good luck

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't a Broker recommend me a suitable aircraft?
    Brokers are notorious for quoting aircraft manufacturer performances numbers to select an aircraft. In many case, these figures are not realistic an you could find yourself with too little aircraft for the mission. Unless the broker is motivated by commission. You then get too much plane!
  • What is CPDLC
    Due to increase in air traffic, some area experience radio congestion. CPDLC is now beeing used for Ground-Air communication. It will be mandatory soon requiering expensive aircraft upgrade.
  • I just got my private pilot ticket! Should I get a Mooney?
    No... unless you are single with no kids.
  • Can a Boeing 737 fly on one engine.
    Yes, easily. Save yourself some money and google the easy stuff...
  • We just hired a management company. I am sure they can help with all the nitty gritty stuff, no?
    They can, but you will potentially pay tens of thousands of dollars a month to these people. A second opinion could be invaluable.