I will write Your Letter to Congress

write Your Letter to Congress

About This Gig

Have you ever believed in a cause passionately, either political, business or social? Have you wanted to write a letter to advocate for that cause? Maybe you were too busy or didn't feel confident with your communication skills? Were you afraid you didn't have any good, persuasive arguments? I will make your argument and write your letters for you.

I will advocate and write as if I were you and do the hard work for you. I can also write your letter to the president, to private companies, or even local and state officials. I will write for any cause you want me to advocate on your behalf. Once I'm done your letter will be ready and all you have to do is copy, paste, and send.

You'll get a standard, well-written 600-word max letter written in your name and voice. See extras to strengthen your case!

About me:
I am something of a political enthusiast having dabbled in some commentary, Vlogging, and even participating in a few social media political campaigns. I am passionate about politics.

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4 days delivery

Letter to Congress

Write a letter you can send to congress and advocate for your cause

  • Up to 600 Words