I will give you the name and contact info for 3 agents

give you the name and contact info for 3 agents

About This Gig

The task of writing a book can be tough, never mind revising and editing. Once you get to the marketing stage, you're about ready for a long trip to a tropical island -- I'm here to support you in marketing your book and getting it out there -- whether it's creating a great proposal (see my gig for that) or finding just the right agent. As you already know, the market is super competitive, but giving yourself an extra edge by creating a perfect query (see my gig for that) is key as is finding just the right agent for your book. I can't guarantee that you'll strike up a deal with them, nor do I know these agents personally, I just help you custom tailor who you send to and match this to your book.

So for $5, I'll send you the names, contact info, and sending instructions to 3 agents hand-picked for your book. And I'll send along some other great tips!