I will record interviews and ambience in New York City

record interviews and ambience in New York City

About This Gig

Field recording at it's finest! I'd love to be your man on the ground in New York City.  I will make state of the art recordings of the sounds of the city for your audio or video production. I can travel within one hour of my home base to capture everything from the crashing surf of Coney Island to the raucous screech of the subway. I can also mic someone that you interview while you talk to them over the phone and provide you with much better sound than phone or Skype audio. I have over 35 years of experience making live recordings for sound archives, and commercial and public radio programs. A few of my recordings include, The Dalai Lama of TIbet, the Dancing Chicken of Chinatown, P. Diddy, Burt Reynolds, political rallies, demonstrations
 and so many more.

The Fine Print: There is a four gig minimum for each recording I make for you. Four $5.00 gigs will cover up to twenty minutes of recorded sound. I will not charge you for my travel time, only recording time. I will record a .wav file in mono or stereo (depending on your need) and convert the file to the format of your choosing. If you need the file edited, please check out my audio editing gig.