I will help you identify one past life for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
help you identify one past life
help you identify one past life

About This Gig

LET ME HELP YOU SHED LIGHT ON YOUR PAST.  I can help you answer these answers and more.

- Do you see yourself in a different setting, a different century, know yourself by a different name? 

- Are you drawn to information, books, events, or even cultures that are not apart of your current family's lineage and you can't understand where that interest came from? 

- Or are you just plain curious about you?

Knowing what your past lives were can aid you in understanding more about your fears, physical illnesses, emotional upsets, relationships and so much more.

Past lives play such key parts in our current lives.  They effect our habits, our beliefs and opinions, our fears and our joys. 
We bring lessons from the past with us in each incarnation to enable us to heal ourselves and our soul so we can move forward to success.

In order to explore your Past Life Reading in greater depth, please see my Extended Gig Offers listed below.  
- it keeps the information from the current reading contiguous and broadens the possibility of greater exploration into the issues surrounding that life time immediately.

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