I will professionally notate your music score

professionally notate your music score

About This Gig

Hello friends! 

Your manuscript deserves to be clean and professionally notated. For $5, I will do just that for you!

I have worked in notation software for many years: from full-score editors like Finale and MuseScore; to modern tab notations like Guitar Pro, PowerTab, and TuxGuitar. I delight in working to make your music look professionally and beautifully notated so that performers can bring it to life when played! Files can be sent in up to two formats: Finale, XML, PDF, MuseScore, Guitar Pro, Powertab.

For $5 I will notate two pages of music for up to five instruments on those pages. I will also render out the parts individually so that they are performance ready. Fast delivery is also an option if you are pressed for time.

Additional instruments and pages can be added for $5 in groups of five for instruments(up to five more instruments = $5 more, up to ten more for $10, etc. and this is priced per every two additional pages) and groups of two for pages (additional two pages for $5, additional four pages for $10, etc.).

Please note: this does not include transcribing music from an audio file.

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4 days delivery 1 Revision