I will give you my guide to writing hit songs for $5

/ 7 Days On Average
give you my guide to writing hit songs
give you my guide to writing hit songs

About This Gig

I have been observing the music business for many years.  There is a certain structure to songs that sell.  This structure goes all the way back to great characters like Mozart who were hot artists of their day. 

When the song is structured right you don't need a fancy production for it to sell.  The "golden ears" executives in the music industry and even a little kid can tell it's a hit.  You can play it in an acoustic set at a local coffee shop or at a street market and listeners will line up to buy a home-burned copy.

If you get that structure right listeners will develop a physical need to hear your song again... and again.  This is what forces them to purchase a copy so they can hear it anytime.

In my guide explain why and how this works.  I also include examples you can listen to.

If you wish to collaborate in the writing you can order my gig extras.
You can bounce ideas off me and I will structure them into a compelling and coherent musical statement.   and if you want me to help you promote your song to be an income generating hit I can do that for additional special consideration we can agree to.  Ask me about that.