I will show you how to Write SONGS that are hit material

show you how to Write SONGS that are hit material

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It goes all the way back to Mozart.  There is a certain structure to music that creates a physical need to hear a composition over and over.  It works regardless of the genre, or chords or lyrics.

If you have the right structure the "golden ears" music industry execs and even a kid on the street can tell that it has that magical "hit" quality. You don't need a fancy production to make it shine.  

A simple acoustic performance at a local coffee shop or a street fair is enough to get listeners lined up to buy a home-burned copy of your tunes.

My Guide Includes:

◆ Examples of the typical patterns from a wide variety of hot tunes.
◆ A process for going through your songs and rebuilding them from the same material in a different yet incredibly more compelling way.

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The Whole Brain Songwriting Guide

Understand the anatomy of a hit song and how to structure your writing to create addictive buying.