I will help improve your web page conversions

help improve your web page conversions

About This Gig

If it seems like visitors are coming to your website but not actually following through to a tangible outcome you are not alone.

All websites including heavy hitters like Google and Amazon experience an average bounce rate of 90%-95% within 5-10 seconds of a visitor arriving on their web pages. 

I will help you get people to remain on your web page long enough to follow through to your desired business result.

Years of research by famous names have identified an ideal web page layout that is proven to convert better by putting your key messages in the places on the page where the eyes go first.  Then you must use that 5-10 seconds of attention to say the right things.

I can help you understand how to use the spaces on your web page more beneficially.  I can also help you figure out which words your visitors really need to read in order to become fully engaged with your brand.

I have helped entrepreneurs & businesses for years develop a more effective web presence.

Let me help you improve your web page performance today!

The basic gig includes a 20 minute consultation.  

(Please see gig extras for additional help.)