I will do a full content and copy edit


About This Gig

I will do a full content (for continuity, plot points, etc.) and copy (grammar and flow) edit of your short story, novella, novel, or magnum opus. I specialize in fiction, but I will take non-fiction assignments of a non-technical nature. Proofing for spelling and punctuation is included, but I always recommend an additional proof, since the the finished product is always improved by having had multiple pairs of eyes on it. I primarily work in U.S. English, and use CMoS as my style standard, but I am also familiar with Canadian and British English, and am comfortable with editing in those variants. 

Service does not include professional formatting of your Word document. 

I can arrange design services, but those are not included either.

I will do a single page sample edit of your work if desired. Contact me for details.

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Full short story edit

Full content and copy edit of your short content (up to 2000 words).

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