I will consult on your music career for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
consult on your music career
consult on your music career
consult on your music career
consult on your music career

About This Gig

You can master your career with a few strategic conversations that get you connected with the right people at the right time, build lasting relationships and get you seen and heard by people looking for you.

Give me 15 mins and I'll tell you what managers and agents don't want you to know. Discover why you are not getting call backs. Learn how to book more gigs. I'll show you why waiting on talent agency is a trap

See a shift happening in as little as a week.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can 15 mins really help me?
    The 15 mins is a discovery session. It is not going to solve all of you problems. This session is to give you a glimpse of what "CAN" be available with the right people in your corner.
  • What is Artist Development?
    Artist Development is an "on the job" where you get out there and start working. Together we look at what is making or breaking your career. Then together we explore all of the avenues that will take and you to you goals and figure how you can catapult your success.
  • Why have I never heard of this before?
    If you never heard of this it's probably because you have never been signed to a label. Current record labels no longer do this type of development with their signed artist. They expect an artist to come in ready to go with some minor tweaks in place. How would you know if you weren't shown?
  • How would I know what you did worked?
    You won't unless you choose to take a chance and invest in yourself. And really, are you concerned about losing $5? You blow on lunch! :) What do you really have to lose?