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He did a nice job converting my text file to pdf, but when I asked where I could find the submissions, he said: "USA Network Radio and Critique Review handled the release" and provided only two links...one to a facebook page, and the other to a 5 second youtube video with a pic of the release.
Reviewed by archangelwoghd 12 months ago
Very Nice Work..
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Good job, it was done on time. thanks
Reviewed by milliondollarst over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jaylouis over 1 year ago
looks good thanks
Reviewed by jagjgjg over 1 year ago
Excellent service. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by stevieboy123 over 1 year ago
Fantastic work! Much more than expected. Thank you!
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Very good transaction
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good work, quick, exactly what I wanted. A+. Recommended
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press release your content

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Throughout years of web analysis and  site behavior testing, we have  determined strategic ways to syndicate content with maximum exposure. Making your content accessible to millions of people, on all major playing fields; mobile, tablet, PC, video, audio, text, and image.

By using our press release service you will not only receive short term results, but long term residual results, that can help the exponential growth of your Business.

The standard press release will include half our major media outlets along with our private press release and syndication partners.

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Syndication, through syndication is our process of releasing your content!

Get maximum exposure for your business, while branding your name...

You will need a 250-300 word PDF and a 60 sec radio quality voice over...