I will interpret your dreams for you

interpret your dreams for you
interpret your dreams for you

About This Gig

Dreams are just an escape for your mind from reality. Everything you dream is linked to what you are living, to the past, and sometimes even to the future. Interpreting them is not magic though it can be a talent, it's just psychology, and a special sensitivity.

I will tell you what the dream that has you shook means and what can be causing it. The more details you provide me about your life and the dream, the more connections I can make. I will talk with you during the process so you can guide me through it, and I will unveil it for you piece by piece. Finally, I will deliver a full interpretation including your dream, and what it meant, along with some advice, hints, and ideas I have around it. Every item appearing in the dream has a significance and I will find it for you.

Order Details

One dream

Interpret a dream in a full detailed explanation including what may be causing it and why.

3 days delivery 1 Revision