I will manage ur forex or binary acct aiming at 200 percent cummulatively

manage ur forex or binary acct aiming at 200 percent cummulatively

About This Gig

Binary: With the right decision of up or down in 60 seconds, 30min, or more you are in profit.

With our track record we decide to help people round the world to tap into this new  way of making passive  income.  We trade for u you start making 50 to 100% in 30 fx days.

Minimum to start: $2,500 however you will double this deposit after you see our performance.

Note: we trade for u , we don’t have  access to your fund or to withdraw your fund.

you are the one that will send us profit share at the end of the trade.

You have nothing to lose.

We will also trade double the volume so you can send us 50% of the profits esp as we make good profits for u

Forex: i will trade your forex account without me having access to your money.  you have total control of your money.
but i promise you , you will make up to 50% to 100% of your fund example if you have 2000 dollar at the end of 20 working day you will get extra 1,800 dollars gross


  • Absolute control of funds excluding the risk of fraud by Fund Manager
  • Ability to monitor account on a continuous basis
  • Ability to evaluate the offers of many fund manager

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Avoid Cheats Trade with the bank directly. U can do this via Cryptocapitalio or WealthyCoinNet.

1 day delivery