I will create manually web 2 0 accounts for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
create manually web 2 0 accounts
create manually web 2 0 accounts

About This Gig

Hi, If you are looking for awesome hand created web 2.0 accounts for SEO purpose, then you come to right place.

If you order this gig, you will get webs accounts, from where you can start posting and creating backlinks to your site. Here is some lists:
wordpress, bravenetsites, tumblr, storify, yola, jigsy and many more with high PR and DA !

Her is what this GIG is offer:
creating manually 8 web 20 accounts are best value for your site, since googl see it as natural way of creating backlink
- I will not use any of paid VPNs or Private Proxy, i have better option - dynamics IPs that literally are always NEW and each for account

If you wish to have articles, then please visit my other gig https://www.fiverr.com/deblitz/create-manually-web-2-0-sites-or-subdomains

If you need anything, just pm me...