I will give a 3 Card Angel Reading for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
give a 3 Card Angel Reading
give a 3 Card Angel Reading

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 I will give a 3 card Angel Reading By Email

                  )✿( ABOUT DEBORAH ANNA )✿(

I was born a natural psychic and later in my life I had a deeply spiritual experience of channeling an Angel .I felt like my feet did not touch the ground for 2 weeks after that experience and ever since then I have not been the same and I have the ability to communicate with the Angelic Realms .

Others that have the ability to see auras have told me that my aura is shaped like two very large Angel Wings .Many psychics have theorized as to why my aura appears that way .

What ever occurred exactly during that experience to me is not as important as what it allows me to do now for others .To me it feels like the Angel left it's essence behind in me and that in some way now I can act as a medium for the angelic and pass on messages from the Angelic Messengers to help others in their lives .

I get loads of information and can not only tell you what you need to know but also what you need to do to turn the outcome in your favor.

I am a clairvoyant & empathic psychic medium .tarot reader, Angelic channel, Natural Shaman and Reiki Master.