I will translate english to patois up to 1500 words

translate english to patois up to 1500 words

About This Gig

I am a native Jamaican speaker who is fluent in both patois and standard United Kingdom English.

The Jamaican dialect called patois is unique only to Jamaica and shows the rich mixture of our cultural heritage. The dialect itself contains elements of Spanish, french, various African languages and English that have been fused together to form a language.

Many companies here in Jamaica and overseas are now utilizing the Jamaican dialect to spice up their advertisements in order to attract clients to their business.

Su yu ave wan paypa fi sen gu sum weh? (So you have a document to send or present?)

Mek mi 'pin it roun' fi u? (Want a difference or spin to it?)

Den tink 'bout de Jamakecan patois an mi wi help yu write it all chat it tu! (Think the Jamaican Patois will help, but don't have the time to translate it yourself?)

Let me do it for you only for $5!

You will get top quality translation of your document, story, essay, bible quote, etc. into the Jamaican Patois up to 1500 words.