I will send you our credit repair kit that gets results

send you our credit repair kit that gets results
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About This Gig

I will send you our credit repair guide that gets results for $5!

In the past, credit reports and scores were only vital in buying homes and cars.  But now, your reports and scores are pulled for even basic things such as new telephones and other utility accounts.  Low scores can cost big in these areas:

  • Employment
  • Auto loans
  • Business ownership
  • Checking account
  • Utilities
  • Insurance rates and payment options
  • Education loans
  • Credit cards
  • Renting an apartment or home

 For a mortgage, a low credit score can mean:

  • Not ever owning a home – or for many years
  • No Re-Finance options
  • Paying higher interest rates

Delivered within a day or less will be our Guide to Effective Credit Repair along with the following bonus items:

  • Guide for Assisting Identity Theft Victims
  • Attorney’s Guide to Credit Reports
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Dispute Process
  • E-Oscar System Terms of Use
  • Debt Deception Guide

Contact us for custom orders for phone consultations and customized credit bureau dispute letters.

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