I will decode php files encoded with Zend Guard

decode php files encoded with Zend Guard

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I will decode 5 files encoded with Zend Guard. I will give you files decoded correctly.

Please contact me and send me the encoded files before placing an order. 

Zend Guard is a php encryption that cannot be decoded without some errors. My decoded files are verified individually and are usually correct.

I can decode all versions of Zend Guard: 
  - Zend 7  (Php 5.6 and 5.5),
  - Zend 6  (Php 5.4 and 5.3),
  - Zend 5.5 (Php 5.3 and 5.2),

I cannot decode, or I can’t decode properly:
obfuscated files (names of the variables, functions or classes replaced with a string of characters).
- files encoded with a license (“license.zl”, for example).
- corrupted files, that have been edited or transferred incorrectly through FTP.

I can also decode correctly 5 files / 1 order:
- PhpLockIt,
- PhpCipher (I need the files and phpcipher.bin),
- CodeLock (I need the files and codelock.php),
- TrueBug (with or without loader),
- SourceCop,
- Zorex,
- Many types of base64_decode (eval, gzinflate, rot13, etc.)
- I’ll try to decode unknown types of encodings.

Thank You.

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Zend Guard 5

Decode 5 php files encoded with Zend Guard.

3 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions