I will answer any cookery question

answer any cookery question

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As a food enthusiast, I spent two years honing my culinary skills at Thanet College in Kent in the UK, the same college Gary Rhodes and other successful chefs learnt their craft. Although I am not working as a chef, I have become a beacon of food knowledge as it is my favourite pass time. I have had a go at cooking just about everything that takes my fancy from simple stews to exquisite souffles, and have learnt a lot along the way. I have some of the best professional cookery books that I acquired from my studies, together with my practical knowledge, I will answer any cookery question you want to ask no matter what it is, whether it has a simple yes or no answer, or even a whole recipe, I will do my upmost to find the answer! p.s Yes I did make that dessert in the picture, its a raspberry mousse, with a genoise base, set jelly top, chocolate decoration and raspberry coulis. I made it for my girlfriend last Valentines and she loved it.

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