I will be your Virtual Assistant or Receptionist

be your Virtual Assistant or Receptionist

About This Gig

Do you have a business and want to give your customers a professional experience without spending thousands on hiring staff? Or perhaps you just need to get some work done. I will give you a number that you can give your clients and they can call that number to reach you and leave messages. I will answer the messages, write them down and then forward and/or fax the messages to you (your choice). I'll give you an hour of service but you may order more time so it is best to tell your clients to call during those times. For example you can tell them to call center hours are between the hours of 9am -10am...or whatever times you have ordered. 

I will always answer the phone saying the same thing. "Hello, this is Heather. How can I help you today?" 

I will also make any phone calls for you during that time.
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