I will do risk analysis for you

do risk analysis for you

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Hi, as we know in present time property is very valuable thing and no one wanna loss it or damage it.
But sometime some natural disasters spoil everything and you don't have any idea that if earthquake will come or cyclone will come how much you gonna loose from your property. But if you have any idea of this thing or you have already known that if earthquake or cyclone will come i will loose approx this amount from my property value and you will be ready to bear for it because you have already planned for it. I will provide you to these amount by asking some information like-
1- Location in which property lies (street address or Latitude longitude or city, state,county,suburb etc )
2- Value of property, values of content,values of Business interruption (like salaried employee,rent,maintenance charges etc)
3-construction material of property and occupancy of that place i.e. for which purpose that place is used for.(if you don't have any idea of these things you can just send me pictures of your property.
4- Year of construction if you know.
5-No. of floors 

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CAT modeling

I can give you future losses of any of your property by earthquake,Windstorm,Cyclone etc.

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