I will plan you the most memorable India trip

plan you the most memorable India trip
plan you the most memorable India trip
plan you the most memorable India trip

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Description The Traveller: 1-7 days The Explorer: 8-14 days The Wanderer: 15-30 days
  You don't have much time on hand, let me help you make the most out it. India is a country you can never explore fully. But I will help you to get the maximum. Set free the wanderer soul of yours. Leave the nitty-gritty of travelling to me.
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About This Gig

“Everything is recycled in India, even dreams.” 

India, a country of 1.3 billion is a must see.
But it's sheer size and varied demographics can sometimes be a little intimidating to someone who is visiting it the first time.

  • Maybe your travel agent is offering you that so called 'most amazing' tour package at the cheapest price. But are you sure?
  • Remember, travel agents not only charge you directly, but also take a commission from every service provider(like hotels, transportation etc) they have a tie-up with (and only make you select one among those). 
       Do you still think you got the best deal?

  • Maybe you did your own research, mostly online.    
       But are you sure the information you are referring to is most up-to-date and complete?

  • Do you know different Indian travel websites offer varied discounts for the same hotel?

  • Do you know you can at times get up to 20% discounts, by just paying through an Indian credit/debit card (bank promotions)?

The list is endless.

Don't you wish if you had a friend back in India who would help you with all this, answer all your queries and give travel tips and Dos and Don'ts while you are in India?

Let me be that travel friend of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which all languages you speak?
    I can communicate either in English or Hindi
  • Are you a travel agent?
    No, I am working in an individual capacity. I do not have any tie-ups with any hotel, restaurants, transports provider or any other service provider whatsoever. While I might suggest you some from time to time based on personal experience, I will never insist you chose the same.
  • Can you travel with me?
    Thanks for asking, but not really. I can only offer you advice and insights based on my own experiences.
  • Are you in or have been in travel business?
    Never. But I am and have been an avid traveller. I do not run a travel agency of any kind.
  • Are you from India?
    Yes, I am an Indian.