I will make you a special page promoting

make you a special page promoting

About This Gig

I write a follow up story for you page in German and / or English.
Each Part will be 500 words and continue later in you requested frequency. 
2 Weeks
With the story achievement under the link what happened before you can guide no customer through the other from the client not visited parts of you page.
With the new part of the Story you can promote you news.
By this you can make clients make to revisit you page.
The display right remains for each part of the the story for one year.
All other rights remain to the Author.

Order Details

1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • on how many pages can i display the Story?
    Only on one page. or sub - Links
  • How does it work
    Clients who visit you page, see and read the story part. If they start not with the beginning they will click on what was happening before and read there. Mostly the come back to follow the story and visit you page again. That the story on you page is unique should stay in you interest.