I will be your ultimate best friend ever

be your ultimate best friend ever
be your ultimate best friend ever
be your ultimate best friend ever

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Description Be your ultimate best friend ever Be your facebook best friend talk to you via social media
  Be your best friend and be there and listen to you Have you as my facebook friend like all your posts inclusive of IG and twitter Talk to you via twitter and brighten your day
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About This Gig

                               *****Please message me before ordering to avoid cancellation*****

Hello there,

There is an old Jamaican saying that good friends is better than pocket money. That very statement is  true because having a good friend is better than having no friends at all.

Having best friend is having someone be there for you when no one else will, it's the person who brightens up your day, and keeps you grounded and loves you unconditionally.

My name is Robyn and I can be that person for you. I can give you great advice on whatever you need advice for. You can tell me how you feel or they day you had or whatever you feel comfortable telling me

With me as your best friend I can do the following:

Have you as my Facebook friend- comment and like all your posts, like your Instagram page, and twitter.
Email- I can send you email everyday kinda like a pen-pal

We can talk about anything you want to  talk about-  your job, your day, what you did at work.

Please I'm not doing anything with pornographic material or anything to do with vulgarity