I will mail the Kentucky Derby winning formula

mail the Kentucky Derby winning formula

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. . . Kentucky Derby winning formula.  8 out of last 12 Kentucky Derby winners have done this precise pattern.  Over past 15+ years, I have written a software program that compares each winner and all other entries of the Kentucky Derby to filter specific mathematical data.

My story begins when I first went to Del Mar racecourse in 1996.  So gathering as much information about this massive game was a motivation to "figure it out".

As a data analyst & problem solver I spent years running information with consistency in patterns.  Learned from trainers, owners, jockeys, grooms, track officials, handicappers (pro & novice), and anything in print with information & data.

After years of testing & putting more science into my research . . . it showed up. The formula showed up in a single cell of my software.  So .. . . 

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