I will convert your video to GIF image

convert your video to GIF image

About This Gig

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is one of the most popular ways to say something on the forums and the only way to present movement in image format. I am offering you a unique deal: I will convert your video to GIF format for:
1) $5 for video under 20 seconds;
2) $10 from 20-40 seconds;
3) $15 up to 1 minute (60 seconds);
4) $25 up to 2 minutes (120 seconds);
5) For longer videos - please message me.
I am not using any random GIF maker but I am creating the GIFs using Adobe Photoshop CC and am offering a great quality. 
I can also send you each and every frame of your vidoe, for additional payment:
1) $5 for video under 30 seconds;
2) $10 from 30-60 seconds;
3) $15 up to minute and a half (90 seconds);
4) $25 up to 3 minutes (180 seconds); 
5) For longer videos - I will provide a price in a message.
When ordering this extra, order multiple gigs to reach the required price (if you can't reach it with the extra option).
And I can also work faster - for 10 additional dollars, you will have everything for a day, or for extra 20 dollars I will deliver in only 12 hours.