I will give helpful answers and advice to parents

give helpful answers and advice to parents
give helpful answers and advice to parents

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  l will write 500 words advice/blogg or answer a question on coping with chronic health issue. I will write answers/articles of 1000 words on topics of interest or concern. I will write an extended/article response/conversation up to 2000 words.
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About This Gig

 Do you long for 'real' coping strategies that will ease your frustration?I know how you are feeling. Doctors, specialist, and therapists could not help me with all the challenges I faced 24/7 either.

My son was born with sickle cell anemia and my daughter was diagnosed with speech and language processing challenges. 

At 25 my son had a massive stroke. The threat of my son dying was the most devastating experience of my life. Many hospitalizations before and after this event pushed me to find answers where there seemed to be none. This forced me to research, study and find ways to help myself and I can help you too.

I will share tips and strategies, write an article or blog  I used as a caregiver and specialist art therapy educator.

I can write or record help:

  • Answers in coping with your everyday challenges based on my experiences.
  • Advice on living with children with learning needs and chronic illness
  • Advice, care and rehabilitation of a stroke victim or the ill
  • Motivation and moments of inspiration for you/parent/caregiver
  • Using art as therapy for parents and kids & more   
*My advice must not be taken as a substitute for your health provider's advice.