I will do effiecient data entry for you

do effiecient data entry for you

About This Gig

With all the data entry needs that businesses have, the need to find diligent, hardworking individuals to fill their needs.

I am here to assist you will all your data entry needs. For $5, I will complete one hour of data entry work involving:
  • Entering data on webpages
  • Copy and pasting from excel, webpages etc.
  • Entering data in excel, word documents, etc.
  • PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to Access
  • Retrieving information from webpages
  • Editing Word documents
  • Editing Excel documents

 I am exceptionally professional, hardworking, diligent and an excellent communicator! I can assure you that your needs will be met and you will be satisfied with my work.

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