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Spirograph was invented by British engineer Dennis Fisher (Denys Fisher) (1918-2002) in 1962. The first customers have received a toy in 1965. Spirograph was named the best educational toys of the world for 4 consecutive years, from 1965 to 1969.
Spirograph one of the most highly intellectual games of the 20th century. Number of traceable patterns is limited only by the imagination and skills of the individum.
In childrens Spirograph develops imagination, creativity and logical thinking, the ability to draw, motor hand coordination and dexterity. Improves character handwriting and writing speed increases. Teaches colors modeling and spatial thinking. It improves the aesthetic ability and increases intelligence.
In adults Spirograph raises vitality and calms the nervous system. As a consequence - reducing the amount of stress and minor illness. It can be used for various types of decoration and design work.
Spirograph - a new type of game that simulates the creative process.
Our toys are made of high-quality four-layer birch plywood. Holes are made with different diameters for drawing pen or pencil. We use natural children's watercolors not spoil the texture of wood and safe for health.

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