I will record my Male British voice

record my Male British voice

About This Gig

This gig is for the recording of a transcript provided by you using my voice.

My Examples are here: https://soundcloud.com/arron-critchlow-davies

What do I sound like?
  • I am a British male of 28 years old from Wales.

  • I have a mature voice that can be moulded into different ways of speaking from an enhanced accent to a radio style clear voice.

  • I have taken voice acting lessons so I know how to change my voice to suit a number of different styles and formalities.

Further Information:
I will record up to 250 words per gig or 550 words for 2 gigs. If you require additional words beyond that then please message me and we can discuss it further.

Please ensure that you have a clear idea of what you want the voicing to sound like before ordering.

Remember to ensure that you have read the description carefully before ordering!