I will design A Professional Responsive Mobile Friendly Website For You

design A Professional Responsive Mobile Friendly Website For You

About This Gig

We will create a responsive or mobile friendly web designs for you, that adapts to any platform its viewed on whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Why do you need a Responsive Website ?

To navigate a webpage on a mobile device can be a frustrating experience because of its small size, text can be difficult to read, users have to continuously have to pinch and zoom out in-order to see the content.

The benefits of responsive Designs:

•  Improved customer experience
•  Increased reach to mobile and tablet audiences
•  Responsive website is better for SEO than a separate mobile site
•  Increased sales and conversion rates
•  There is only one set of content for you to maintain
•  Brand consistency across all platforms
•  Provides a more consistent web strategy across all devices
•  67% of users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile website

Your potential customers are not patient enough to spend time finding the products and services they're searching for if your website isn't mobile-friendly. Responsive web site is key, and demand for content consumption on mobile phones and tablets will only continue to increase.


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