I will personally critique your original song

personally critique your original song

About This Gig

I am a professional musician and songwriter.  I have worked with the best in the industry and know the standard of work that goes in to a professional hit song in 2013. 

You can ask me a variety of questions such as:

-Where do I go from here?

-Why does this chord sound strange?

-What notes would go well over this chord?

-What time signature is this part in?

-Why does my recording sound thin?

-How do I modulate keys here?

If you have fully written songs I would be glad to offer criticism and opinions on musical textures and timbres and how your recording could be improved.  

I have had many years experience playing music in a variety of ensembles and groups, and have taken 4 years of music theory and musicianship classes, as well as private lessons.  Though some of the most advanced techniques might still be too much for me (we can't all know everything!) anything from a basic to advanced level I would be happy to look into :)  I look forward to hearing your work and offering my two cents! :)  Thank you for looking!!