I will make a facebook game for you

Outstanding experience! Thank you again!
Reviewed by christoskara over 1 year ago
Outstanding Gig. Dev_Droid delivers a great game everytime.
Reviewed by dwbkaljal over 2 years ago
make a facebook game for you
make a facebook game for you
make a facebook game for you

About This Gig

We'll develop a facebook 2d game based on your idea.

the game will be fully integrated with facebook features like FB login, share, like, invites.

this will widen your facebook fan base and your social recognition also it is a good source of revenue if one places ads  

facebook has 830 million active daily users of which 65% play games making it a good platform for games  

also we'll be uploading the finalized game to your server.

The cost of the gig will depend on the complexity of your game idea