I will teach you how to make an app

teach you how to make an app
teach you how to make an app

About This Gig

I will teach you the skills required to make beautiful webapps. The profit with webapps is they can be transformed to run in any platform .
We will together build an app and then I will teach you how to deploy it for the web , android , desktop or any other platform you like .

I will be writing the code along with you , wherever you get stuck I am there to help in real time :).

We will build a messenger and a  2d game and also port them to android. I will start by first teaching you the basics of html,css,javascript , nodejs ,mongodb and then we'll build the above projects.

Why should you even give it a try :-
 1) This will make you a fullstack developer ( in demand everywhere today )
 2)  A very valuable experience to have on your CV . It tells you are able to make a messenger and a 2d game :)