I will migrate, Clone or Move or your WordPress Site to new domain or host

migrate, Clone or Move or your WordPress Site to new domain or host

About This Gig

Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site

We offer great communication and 48-72 hour delivery.
US Based, English Speaking
12-24 Hour Delivery with Extra-Fast for $15

We will move your Wordpress website to new host or domain in its current form. We transfer over all files and content.

This can be a somewhat difficult process, but let us do it for you with our 9+ years of experience and over 1000 site migrations to date. We have been on Fiverr a little less than a year, but this work has been in our portfolio forever.

We also offer an array of other Theme, Plugin, Extension and e-Commerce solutions on Wordpress, usually at steep discounts

About US / This Gig

  • 1000+ websites moved 
  • 9+ Years CMS Experience with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more.
  • Minimum information required. Usually FTP/cPanel or just WordPress Admin information.

Types of Migrations:
  1. Between Hosts
  2. From one domain to another
  3. Within Current Host (Subdomain to Root)

Since we are based in the US, we rarely trigger issues with logging in to hosts worldwide. We also offer a number of other premium plugins, themes and solutions if you want to upgrade after moving your site.

Have a great day! Do not hesitate to message us before purchasing.