I will design and develop your android app

design and develop your android app

About This Gig

I can convert your idea into an android app. I have developed many native and android web-based apps, as per demanded by my clients and I will struggle to provide you with the best experience. I can also provide consultancy, if demanded. 

What I will do?

  1. I will design responsive Views/Layout/UI (front-end) for your mobile app
  2. I will develop business logic (back-end) for mobile app
  3. I will provide an online Databases interaction (If needed - You will have to pay monthly to any Vender for the database hosting services)
  4. I will give at least one extra free revision for your app/project
  5. I will publish your app on google play store
  6. I can fix errors in your existing android app

Why me ?
  • I have always tried to utilize minimum amount of resources
  • I always have been designing apps as per the latest design (provide by Google - Material Design these-days)
  • I have worked on the earlier version of androids, which means I can provide support for the earlier OS of android.

  • Delivering time depends on the app/project.
  • Discuss about your app before placing the order.
  • It would be better if you provide the icon and color scheme to be used in the app. It will speed things up.

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