I will guest post on my PR5 History Blog

guest post on my PR5 History Blog
guest post on my PR5 History Blog

About This Gig

I will publish a Guest Post on my PR5, History Blog called; “Curious History

This is very credible website which has been mentioned and has links form “Buzz Feed”, “Huffington Post” and other Online Media Giants. My site has about 1000 unique daily visitors. This is a real blog which will give your site real SEO boost.

Your post should be about history. It can be history of anything otherwise I CANNOT ACCEPT your article.

Why choose my Gig?

  • PR5, DA35 with 400,000 monthly hits
  • Receive 2 do-follow links
  • I will never remove your post from the site.
  • I will add a related stock image to your article

Guest blog requirements:

  • Your content should be unique, high quality and HISTORY related
  • No spined content or from other sites
  • Minimum 400 words
  • No Direct advertising or coupon on the articles
  • The anchor text/keyword you wish to use must be in the article
  • The link should come from middle or last paragraph
  • No illegal, immoral, gambling, porn related content (I reserve the right to deny any article not meeting these guidelines (money back in that case).