I will provide voiceover or narration

provide voiceover or narration
provide voiceover or narration
Awesome & fast work!
Reviewed by arnesvelic 3 months ago
Fantastic work! I required a different voiceover than most projects here. I needed someone with acting ability and the right inflection and intonation and this guy nailed it. Turns out this guy has a lot of experience as an actor. Excellent work!
Reviewed by dracomies 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by gerkology 3 months ago
superb....... I suggest all fiver buyer to give their order in this expert man.
Reviewed by juitahera 5 months ago
Great work, thanks
Reviewed by videoxpz 5 months ago
Reviewed by konokk 5 months ago
really you deserve 5 star review. I am happy to work with you. Thanks
Reviewed by five69 6 months ago
Reviewed by adnanodhora100 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mediamars777 6 months ago
Great voice and service!
Reviewed by arterex 7 months ago
Perfect, perfect........perfect!! No need for revision, this guy is a pro!! I will be coming back, thanks so much!
Reviewed by ibuildyoufly 7 months ago
Great service and fast, willing communicator.
Reviewed by kevinogrady 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by musqogee 8 months ago
VSL Movie2
Thank you so much for the great job you did on my video and voice over. I will be sending you a second very soon!
Reviewed by rickbell57 8 months ago
While he did try to do his best and offered unlimited modifications I'm afraid he didn't understand that it needs to be whiteboard animation voice-over. I'll check for someone with more experience in the area
Reviewed by canaanite86 8 months ago
Absolutely perfect work! With excellent communication and quick turn-around. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by lastrefx 11 months ago
Wow, that was absolutely PERFECT delivery. And the turn-around was very fast. I couldn't be happier. I have been working with freelancers for years and I would recommend this gentleman with absolutely no hesitation!
Reviewed by lastrefx 11 months ago
Excellent Service and completed project. Quick Turnaround. I am very happy with the results. Thanks!
Reviewed by gwkell 11 months ago
Fantastic,thanks again
Reviewed by jason716 about 1 year ago
Seller did a great job. I didn't realize I had to buy a commercial license to be able to use the audio I paid for. Seems like commercial use should be assumed and included with the price, but the quality is worth the extra fee.
Reviewed by miche11e about 1 year ago
provide voiceover or narration
provide voiceover or narration
VSL Movie2

About This Gig

For $5, I will provide a 350 word voice-over for whatever you need: I will give life to your video game character, advertise your product, or even recite a poem for you! I have a pleasant, Midwestern baritone, perfect for any needs that you may have!

I have extensive experience in local theatre, so you can be guaranteed to get a clear, emotive, and well-enunciated performance. If you are ever unhappy with the product you receive, let me know and I'll gladly re-record for no extra charge! I will also proofread your script at no extra charge, to make sure that the content reads as fluent English (unless you specifically request otherwise).

NOTE: If you would like to hear a sample before booking a Gig, please contact me and I will send one. Thank you for your patience!

Basic Voiceover

I will narrate your script ($5 for every 350 words) in a clear, pleasant North American accent.

  • Include Script Proofreading
  • Split the Recording Into Separate Files
  • Up to 350 Words
5 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions