I will translate to and from Ancient Greek for $5

/ 6 Days On Average
translate to and from Ancient Greek
translate to and from Ancient Greek

About This Gig

For five dollars, I will translate up to a half page of Ancient Greek into English (roughly 150 Greek words).

If you book my Gig Extra, I can also translate any English text that you have into Ancient Greek, up to 30 words per Gig Extra. My service is perfect for scholars whose Greek skills are a little rusty, faithful individuals who want to know what the New Testament REALLY says, or those who want a tattoo that will be guaranteed to be grammatically correct!

Additional words will operate on the same pay scale. Please note that I only know Ancient Greek; you will need to contact someone else if you need assistance with Modern Greek.

I received my PhD in Latin and Greek from the University of Florida, so the authenticity of the translation will be assured!

PLEASE do not send me your homework assignments. Academic integrity is a high priority for me, and if I suspect that I am being asked to help someone cheat, I will be forced to cancel the order. Thank you for understanding!